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The Real-Time Salp Swarm Simulation software is available under the terms of the CeCILL License (compatible with the GNU GPL - see

The Ada 2005 source code of RTS3-XP is compressed in a *.ZIP file. Unzip it in a Sources directory. If you have a previous version of RTS3-XP, delete all the files present (except gnat.ago if you use adagide) before extracting the archive.

This code is unsupported and without any warranty (bug reports are welcome, however I cannot promise to fix them very soon) .

The .ZIP file contains:

- GNAT.ADC: the GNAT configuration file, containing the configuration pragmas (should be present during compilation in the executable directory - transfer it there).
- *.ads and *.adb: all the source files. rts3_xp.adb contains the main procedure (the program revision history is in

Last version: 24.00

URL du Fichier à télécharger ou URL à comptabiliser

Download (1306 Kb) in a temporary directory. Move all *.ads and *.adb files in a Sources directory;
Move rts3-xp.cfg and gnat.adc in an Exec directory.

To build the RTS3-XP executable you need either the free Ada compiler Gnat 3.15p

(, directory /pub/gnat) or the Gnat Programing Studio under the Gnat GPL Edition

(https//libre download also Win32Ada;

Install the latest AdaGraph version for example from

Install the latest JEWL version from

Make libraries for Win32Ada, adagraph and Jewl (a Project File, rts3.gpr, is included in

Compile the program with NO optimization.

Once the build is successful, run rts3_xp.exe from the Exec directory.



(Last modified 2009-09-30)