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World list of hyperiid references

This list should be mostly useful for oldest references, not yet in computer databases. From 2009 on I will not try to maintain it current, as bibliographic searches are now easy with digital library catalogues and other bibliographic tools.

This reference list of the Hyperiidea is compiled from my bibliography, augmented with many references obtained by Jean-Pierre Lebel (from Québec) who kindly made them available to me.

Some references (obscure, incomplete or impossible to check) have been left out of this list. I did the same for many reports, conference proceedings, posters, magazine papers. Let me know  (phlaval1 at if you discover any significant omissions or errors.

This list is, somewhat arbitrarily, divided in 4 sections. In some cases a reference deals with matters related to several sections, but is only listed in the main one; to be exhaustive, you are advised to check the other sections.

1. Systematics (and related topics)

2. Biology (id.)

3. Ecology (id.)

4. Hyperiids as food or preys

1. Systematics

Contains mainly taxonomic descriptions, often with figures or keys. References on histology, caryological data, internal anatomy, phylogenesis are also listed here.




Mainly references on hosts, life cycles, breeding seasons, behavior (vision, vertical migrations, swarming, predation), presence of Gregarines, etc. Also physiology, chemical or elemental composition…




Mainly geographical distribution, species lists, fauna, energy flow in ecosystems, relations with hydrology. Also sampling, acoustical investigations, laboratory methods...



4.Hyperiids as food or preys

Hyperiids found in stomach contents (most belong to Themisto) - 88 % of these references have been provided by J.-P. Lebel.


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